Cheap Thrill: The Tangle Teezer


I am not sure where I saw the Tangle Teezer. It was definitely a video by a beauty youtuber, but I can’t remember who–sorry. I did a little googling, but couldn’t find the vid. Here is what I did learn though: It’s been around for awhile; it has nearly 5-star ratings on Makeup Alley and Amazon where I got it for about $9; Allure awarded it; this supermodel carries one in her handbag; and you can get a fancy gold and black one at Sephora (but then it’s no longer a cheap thrill at $20).

In other words, today’s cheap thrill is old (but good) news. I’ll keep it short and sweet: I really like this thing. I used to detangle with a wide tooth comb, then I got lazy and just started using a brush. This is bad. Hair is weakest when wet, so you really shouldn’t use a brush for this job. I find the Tangle Teezer is even better than a wide-tooth comb. It’s very lightweight, ergonomically shaped and makes quick work of post-shower tangles. It has a lot of short bristles that are close together, so it feels a little massage-y too. Definitely worth it, especially for long-haired peeps (though I also like using it on my toddler’s hair to give him that you-can-trust-me-to-read-you-the-news-on-tv or you-can-trust-me-to-manage-your-finances kind of neatness to his ‘do.

Dream Clean: Yuli Halcyon Cleanser


Yuli Halcyon Cleanser is the second product that I have purchased (and reviewed) from this luxe green line. I am on my second bottle of their Panacea Elixir (my third bottle should be arriving any day). Let me just say that Yuli has a way of upping the ante on skincare products. Take the Panacea Elixir (reviewed here). It’s just a spray toner right? Well yes, but it makes my skin look toned and plumped up and happy right after each use.  It also really helped my skin get back to normal after a trip to breakout-ville. The same is true of the Halcyon cleanser. It’s just this watery, herbal-ly, almost clear gel that barely lathers. Yet somehow it gets your skin exceptionally clean and toned.  The usual redness in my cheeks even seems to subside. These seem like simple products, but don’t be fooled by the simple lines of the packaging. A lot of thought–and ingredients–go into this line.

Here’s how the SBL site describes what’s in Halcyon (to be further impressed, take a look at the full list of ingredients): Made without harsh detergents, sulfates, soap bases, alcohol, or chemical sufactants which can cause pH imbalance and irritate skin, an herbal infusion of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and gunk-dissolving ingredients like red clover, green tea, zeolite clay, papaya & pineapple enzymes, and red algae calm, clean and balance while colloidal peptides create gentle foaming action that helps rinse away the debris, grime, excess oils, harmful bacteria, and sweat.

Now, I don’t use it to remove make-up.  That would be a waste. This stuff isn’t cheap ($52 for 3.4 oz) and not eligible for sales and coupons on Spirit Beauty Lounge. (Wah!) Luckily, I do better at controlling myself with the cleanser (unlike the elixir which I cannot do anything but spray with abandon). I also alternate it with other cleansers to make it last. I like to use Halcyon as a night-time second cleanse after oil cleansing (see review of One Love Organics Cleansing Oil here). I like putting it on cleansed skin and really massaging it in so it can do its thing without makeup, sunscreen, and other gunk in the way. Or I’ll use it in the morning–sometimes with a konjac sponge for super duper cleaning. I say get some. Put it on and massage away. Let it be one with your face. You will not regret it. Your face will look brighter. Your pores will look cleaner. You’ll (hopefully) feel tranquility as you pamper your gorgeous mug.

Gimme Glimmer: Afterglow Cosmetics Eco Eye Shadow



Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Infused Eco Eye Shadow is one of the best finds I have come across since starting my personal campaign to go greener in the beauty department. I found out about this brand in a “what’s in my Z-Palette” post on Genuine Glow. If you’re not reading that blog, you should! I’ve been building my own palette, but I am too lazy to do a similar post because I’d have to cover about a dozen shadows at once. Instead, I am taking on the shadows in individual and small groups.

Today we’re talking Afterglow eye shadows in the Feather and Baroque shades. I’ve got a few other Afterglow shadows as well as Jane Iredale, Zuii, and Kjaer Weis. (See a review of Kjaer Weis Onyx here—I like it as a liner). Getting back to today’s shades—these are perfect, subtle colors: Feather is a pale, pearly pink and Baroque is a peachy-yellow-gold. Feather is perfect for inner corner and brow bone highlighting. Baroque is a lovely gold color that can be worn sheer or built up to more of a yellow-gold. I love them best mixed together. (Swatched above from left to right: Feather, Baroque, and a combo of the two we’ll call Faroque).  My photo doesn’t do it justice. It is so pretty and it’s the perfect complement to (faux) bronzed summer skin. I like to do a light wash over the entire lid using the Real Techniques Finishing Brush. I then tap a little of the Feather on the inner corner of my eye with my finger. (I know this brush is not really meant for shadow and that you’re all: You know nothing, Glossed in Brooklyn! And you’d pretty much be right when it comes to shadow. I tend to keep it simple and fast and this brush does the trick.) I used this combo shade with liner on the upper lid in brown, navy, plum, and soft black. All of those options look great with it—especially the navy or brown.

We’ve covered the colors and application. What about formula and performance? This stuff is good. Of the brands I own, it is the least powdery and the least dry. I almost want to say it’s creamy, but I don’t want readers to take that literally. It is undoubtedly pressed powder, but one that holds together pretty well. When you tap your brush in it, it doesn’t crumble or send powder flying. It’s well-pigmented, soft, and finely-milled. Think shimmery as opposed to sparkly. (I hate chunks of sparkles in shadows.) They also stay put and don’t crease, even on hot, humid days like we’re having today in NYC. (Keep in mind that I don’t use eye shadow primer.)

Here is what’s in it:

Manihot esculenta (organic tapioca) starch*, zea mays (organic corn) starch*, mica, zinc stearate, ricinus communis (organic castor) seed oil*, vitis vinifera (organic grape) seed oil*, punica granatum (organic pomegranate) seed oil*, euterpe oleracea (organic acai) berry*, lycium chinense (organic goji) berry*, hydrogenated glyceryl abietate, tocopherol (gluten free vitamin E), thymus vulgaris (organic thyme) oil*, rosmarinus officinalis (organic rosemary) oil*; May contain +/-: titanium dioxide (77891), iron oxide (77491, 77492, 77499), chromium oxide green, ultramarines

*certified organic

These cost $21 each. I went with the refills since I am using a palette. Those are $17 each.  There are about 20 shades. I just ordered Mingle, a soft teal that should work really when I am channeling mermaids this summer.