The Emjoi Micro Pedi: My New Fave Tool


You need an Emjoi Micro Pedi. Let me qualify that statement: You need a Micro Pedi if you have callused feet, hard heels, or dry soles AND

  • are scraping at your feet with pumice, files, or a certain egg-shaped grater
  • hate piling on lotion and sleeping in socks and/or
  • are using foot peel products.
Why am I so sure? Well, I have tried the methods listed above and this little guy gives better results than all of them. I’d compare it to the results I got with the most drastic of the approaches that I’ve tried: the Babyfoot peel. For those of you who don’t know what that is, Babyfoot is a popular acid-based foot peel. You place plastic booties lined with gel on your feet, leave them on for about an hour (as I recall), then wait for the magic to happen. After a few days, your feet begin to peel like like molting snakes. It’s revolting and fascinating–Google it if you’re into that sort of thing. Anyway, your feet are not presentable for about a week and a half. After the peeling ends, you are left with soft, smooth “baby feet.” The Emjoi Micro Pedi gives the same result in about 10 minutes total. A Babyfoot treatment costs $25. The Micro Pedi costs about the same and you can use it multiple times. You can even buy replacement rollers. (You should shop around for the best price as it is carried in lots of places such as Amazon, Target, QVC and others.)In the interest of candor, I received one for review. A couple of days after I got it, I saw that one of my favorite British beauty bloggers, Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends, gave it a great review (she purchased hers). So I was feeling really lucky to have received one to test. Right after I read Ruth’s very favorable review, I tore into the package and gave it a go. I completely concur with her take on it. Its great. Like her, I didn’t take a picture before using it so I apologize for the dead skin you see on the roller photo above. What can I say? The excitement got the best of me. (Trust, it’s not near as gross and the bits of skin you find all over your bed and floor when you do a foot peel.)

So what is it like? Well, I noticed some of the readers of Ruth’s post commenting that it looked scary. I think those pedi egg graters and the razor blade thingy some salons use are much scarier (don’t do it)! The roller isn’t super coarse or rough. It doesn’t hurt at all and there’s no danger of cutting yourself. You use this tool on dry feet, so no soaking time needed. It travels smoothly over the skin and makes quick work of exfoliating. It does create lots of “powder” or “dust” or “dead skin cloud formations” as you go, so you may want to do it over the tub or some newspaper. I used it on my heels, soles, and the sides of my feet. I also carefully used it on top of a couple of toes where the skin on the knuckle was a bit thick. In minutes,  my dry, rough, abused-by-flip-flops feet were baby soft. In terms of how the skin looks and feels, I can get better results than a professional pedicure with this. Note, that I didn’t say in terms of nails because I am not great at polishing my toes, so I will still rely on getting a pedi when I want dark polish. But, today, I exfoliated with the Micro Pedi; soaked my feet; pushed my cuticles back; and applied a light color polish. You wouldn’t know it wasn’t a profesh job. Seriously, your feet will look so good Quentin Tarantino will cast them in a movie. (You know, because he has a thing with feet. Look it up.)

Onomie Eye Essentials Duo


Today, we’re talking about Onomie Eye Essentials Duo. I am taking it for a test drive. Why? Ever feel like your dark circles break through every concealer you own? I have about six concealers and none seem to really cover my circles these days. It’s Panda Central around here. What to do? Well…recently there has been a good deal of positive coverage of Refinery 29 Beauty Innovator Award Winner Onomie. This new company, started by a former Kiehl’s product developer and one of the investors behind Warby-Parker, has just two offerings. Together, the Onomie A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment and the Bright Concealing Elixir are meant to combine color and skincare to address fine lines and dark circles. Those pesky peepers showing age and lack of rest just happen to be at the top of most people’s list of things they want to address with makeup and skincare. And Onomie is about results.Their “bench” section (as in research bench) says that 93% of women showed an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles in a clinical study over 8 weeks and that 90% showed an improvement in dark circles in a clinical study over 8 weeks.


From left to right: Illuminating Eye Treatment, Concealer in shades 1, 2 and 3.

They also have a pretty smart approach to trying/buying–you can purchase a trial kit for just $3. If you like the products and place an order for the duo, they will deduct the $3 from your order (the treatment costs $32 and the concealer costs $26). The kit contains a sample of the color you select, plus a sample of the shade above and below. In addition to the concealer, you receive the illuminating eye treatment in the relevant color (there are two shades). I ordered the elixir shade number 2  for my NC 20 skin (out of 10 shades). After using it for about a week, I went ahead and ordered both the treatment  and concealer. I plan to use these two products whenever I wear makeup over 8 weeks. Who am I kidding? I will wear them every damn day for I love makeup! So look for an update in 8 weeks.

A suggestion: Onomie, you invite visitors to your site to join the house of beauty nerds (love that!). Well, beauty nerds like to scour the web for info on their potential prey, uh I mean purchases. So post the complete ingredient list and make it easy to find. It is nice to read about your botanical key ingredients, vitamins, and that you don’t include fragrance, alcohol, parabens, or phthalates. But beauty nerds (and especially green beauty nerds) want to know exactly what’s in there. (I emailed them about this and they kindly sent me a photo of the ingredients listing on packaging of the concealer, which I can’t seem to find! Once my order arrives, I’ll update this post with pics of the ingredients from the packaging of both.)

I’ll close with some first impressions. Thus far, I am impressed. The highlighter brightens beautifully and has a silky texture. They recommend placing it in a c-shape around the outer part of the eye so you hit the brow bone to crow-feet zone (see what I did there?). I place this in an o-shape, as in all around the eye, baby. A tiny bit in the inner corners acts as an illuminating primer. Then I use the Ecotools flat concealer brush to apply a thin layer or two of the concealer over my dark circles. I don’t blend. I just leave it there to warm up and dry down a bit while I buff in some foundation. I then pat it in with my finger and use my foundation brush to blend the edges of the concealer with my foundation. My impressions so far is that it’s lightweight, layer-able, blend-able, and breathable. It provides good coverage. While it doesn’t completely cover my circles, it is as good or better in coverage than the other 6 concealers I have.  And because this is meant to improve the circles sitch, I am very ok with it. Looking forward to reporting back!


Raffle Time: Kushyfoot and Drugstore Treats


I think I’ve hit a blogging milestone. I received an email from a pr firm asking me whether I would be interested in reviewing Kushyfoot products. I let the person who reached out know that my blog is newish and my readership is modest, BUT that I actually own some Kushyfoot foot covers and would be happy to check their other stuff out. I know Kushyfoot from their little  foot covers (your Grandma might call them peds). I wear them with ballet flats. I love skipping socks altogether, but it is nice to have a barrier between my feet at the flats when it’s super hot out or raining. Kushyfoot sent some of those as well as lots of other cool stuff. I had no idea they had so many products. I was also glad to see that you can get things like foot overs in various “cuts” so that they won’t peek through low cut shoes. They sent so much stuff that I let them know I would be doing a giveaway with most of it. Of course this is a green (ish) beauty blog, so the winner will find some favorite drugstore beauty treats as well: The EcoTools Retractable Kabuki, Burt’s Bees Lipshine in Peachy, and Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster in Light to Medium.


Scroll to the end to enter (open in residents of the U.S.).

Before we get to the raffle, let’s talk Kushyfoot. As I mentioned, I really like the foot covers. They are affordable; easy to find (for those in NYC, I have gotten them at Rite-Aid and Duane Reade); and comfy (the soles are extra padded, hence the brand name). Here is what the winner will receive:

1 pair of foot covers for flats and pumps in black
2 pairs of toe covers for slingbacks/mules in black and beige
1 pair of foot covers for peep-toe shoes in black
2 pairs of athletic foot covers in white
1 pair of sheer anklets in black
1 pair of yoga socks in beige (toeless and with grippy soles)
1 pair of “flats to go” in leopard print; size 9 (perfect for tossing in your bag when your high heels have done you in)
the green beauty treats pictures above
and goodies from my samples stash!

Put your best foot forward and good luck!


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