Cheap Thrill: Badger Baby Oil

badger baby oil

This post might also be titled: Toddler Bath and Beauty, Part Two (see part one here). Or Beauty Bits You Can Share with Baby. Or Moisturize Like an Ancient Roman. If you’re counting, this also makes two cheap thrill posts in a row. So Badger Baby Oil (4 oz, $15.99). I purchased it for my little T-Rex. I also use it. We are on our second bottle of this good stuff. It’s an organic blend of extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, and extracts of calendula and chamomile. It has a mild scent of chamomile–I can also smell the olive oil–and is very gentle and moisturizing. The scent disappears quickly. As with most oils, it works best just out of the bath when skin is damp. It isn’t a thin or dry oil and doesn’t absorb super-quickly so you might prefer night-time use. That’s when the little guy gets slathered with it. I tend to use it after a morning shower. I do have to pat the areas that are a bit oily with a towel before dressing, but that’s not a problem for me. Of course, I am not putting on a white cotton blouse right after either. I mean, this is New York. All the clothing is pretty much black, so it’s not an issue. It comes in a glass bottle. It does mean you need to be a bit more careful since your hands will be greasy, but I love a glass bottle. Why buy an organic product just to have it absorb lord knows what from a plastic bottle?

In closing: Badger, you have not not disappointed me yet. But I am watching for that re-release of rose sunscreen and my expectations are high! We’ll be back to talking about grown-up stuff in the next post!

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