Cheap Thrill: The Tangle Teezer


I am not sure where I saw the Tangle Teezer. It was definitely a video by a beauty youtuber, but I can’t remember who–sorry. I did a little googling, but couldn’t find the vid. Here is what I did learn though: It’s been around for awhile; it has nearly 5-star ratings on Makeup Alley and Amazon where I got it for about $9; Allure awarded it; this supermodel carries one in her handbag; and you can get a fancy gold and black one at Sephora (but then it’s no longer a cheap thrill at $20).

In other words, today’s cheap thrill is old (but good) news. I’ll keep it short and sweet: I really like this thing. I used to detangle with a wide tooth comb, then I got lazy and just started using a brush. This is bad. Hair is weakest when wet, so you really shouldn’t use a brush for this job. I find the Tangle Teezer is even better than a wide-tooth comb. It’s very lightweight, ergonomically shaped and makes quick work of post-shower tangles. It has a lot of short bristles that are close together, so it feels a little massage-y too. Definitely worth it, especially for long-haired peeps (though I also like using it on my toddler’s hair to give him that you-can-trust-me-to-read-you-the-news-on-tv or you-can-trust-me-to-manage-your-finances kind of neatness to his ‘do.

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