Cheap Thrills: Dew Puff


Dew Puff is one of the companies offering facial sponges made of konjac root.  Konjac sponges are getting a lot of attention in skincare circles at the mo. You can get a plain sponge or sponges infused with bamboo charcoal (the charcoal purifies oily or acne-prone skin) or Asian clay (the clay soothes and moisturizes). When dry, the sponge is lightweight and hard. Like pumice and Styrofoam had a baby. When you wet it, it becomes soft and has a slippery texture. Like a sea sponge and jell-o had a baby.  In other words, it is nothing like loofah or those scratchy buff puff things (do those still exist?). It glides over the skin and exfoliates so gently, I even use it around my eyes.  My skin feels clean and smooth after use—I use it once a day after I cleanse with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup. You can add cleanser to it or not. I also like the tear drop shape of the sponge. It fits perfectly in your hand.

The Dew Puff has a little string on it so you can hang it to dry. I hang my on the medicine cabinet knob. I think it’ll last longer and remain more hygienic if you dry between uses. You can also boil or microwave it to clean it (check out the company site for tips on that). They recommend the sponge be replaced every 3 months or so.

I picked up the charcoal Dew Puff at a local store. You can find it on Dew Puff’s site for $7. I’ve also seen it at varying rates on

I like Dew Puff. I like it a lot.

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