Cheap Thrills: Favs from EcoTools


Ah, EcoTools! What’s not to love about these brushes? They are soft, durable, and cruelty-free (synthetic). They don’t shed and stand up to frequent use—including washing. And they are cheap and easily available. I own a few that I like (the large powder brush, the full eye shadow brush, and the eye shadow smudging brush). I want to try others (kabuki, I am looking at you). But the ones I that I love, love, love and use every day:  the airbrush concealer brush and the tapered blush brush.

Flat concealer brushes just never worked for me. I always wind up with too much product on my skin and feel like I am painting instead of blending. The opposite is true with the airbrush concealer brush. You can lightly buff your product in and the size and shape fits nicely into the inner corner of the eye. The bristles are firm enough to get the product where you want it, but soft enough for the delicate eye area.

The tapered blush brush is a more recent acquisition. I spotted it when I was in my local Rite Aid and immediately picked it up. This thing rocks. You can pat the blush right where you want it holding the brush more parallel to your face. You can use the tip to lightly blend your blush. In my case, I contour with a little matte bronzer and then use this brush to pat blush on and blend it all together. It’s just a pleasure to use. I bought one for my sister and she loves it too. At these prices, ($6.99 for the blush brush and $3.99 for the concealer brush) you can afford to get one for yourself and one for someone you love!

PS: My brushes are pictured in the pre-wash stage with my brush cleaning agent of choice: Dr. Bronner’s Almond Soap.

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