Dermasuri + Osmia Organics Soap and Body Oil


I reviewed the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt a while back (see more here). When used as directed, this scrubber makes dead skin ball up and roll off. It’s gross, fascinating and satisfying. You’re baby-soft afterwards–no redness or irritation either. Here is the problem–you have to hang around in the shower for about ten minutes or more before the dead skin is ready be exfoliated. And you’re not to put soap on before you use it, so you just basically stand there enjoying the water and solitude. That makes it a special occasion tool for me as I usually don’t have time for long showers. The other thing is that I started to feel guilty about the water running that long when water is in short supply for so many people. So, chuck the Dermasuri? Nope. I decided to use it for “dry-brushing.” Obviously it’s not a brush, but I have seen a few articles that say you can dry brush with a loofah. I thought I would give this a whirl before buying a brush or loofah. I decided to use it every morning for one week. I also committed to moisturizing every morning as well. Because while I have a a multi-step facial care routine, I am terrible about moisturizing my body–legs and feet especially. My moisturizer of choice: Osmia Organics Sunset Body Oil.

I have done it every day for a week before showering. The routine is: 1) Get naked (duh) and brush body in sections stroking toward the heart. Why? The internet says so. This takes just a couple of minutes. I focus most of the attention on my legs which are a special (scaly) type of dry after a winter of neglect. 2. Hop in the shower and wash with Osmia Organics Milky Rose Soap.  Why? It’s moisturizing, smells good, and is made with great ingredients (see more here). 3. Turn off shower, but stay in there. Tie up hair; don’t dry off. Apply Osmia Organics Body Oil. I don’t have a “see more here” for this one because I haven’t reviewed it yet. So let’s look at it in-depth for a moment, shall we? I have the OO Body Oil in Sunset. As with everything else I have tried from Osmia, I am a fan. And this oil is made of many lovely oils. Specifically oils of coconut, jojoba, kukui, sweet almond, rosehips seed, hemp seed, avocado, borage seed, and evening primrose. Check the full ingredients list out here. The scent is a warm floral vanilla with a hint of citrus. It comes in a frosted glass bottle that is topped with a stopper that has a hole in it so you can shake out a few drops at a time. And you really only need a few drops. A little goes a long way. I rarely say that about any product! The oil is softening, moisturizing and spreads easily on wet skin. Using a small amount allows for a thin layer that sinks in quickly. The only weird thing about it is that it may cause you to touch your skin throughout the day. Try to be discreet.

Now back to my dry-brushing or Dermasuri brushing experiment. Many proponents of dry-brushing believe that it can exfoliate dead skin, clear clogged pores, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce cellulite, do your taxes, and shape your eyebrows. I can only speak to the first two. After one week of Dermasuri plus Milky Rose Soap plus Sunset Body Oil, my skin is softer and smoother. I am most pleased by the improvement on my legs where regrowth of hair after shaving is a somewhat less dry, and bumpy situation. I can’t wait to see what another week or two of this brings especially on the legs.

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