Fancy Things That I Am Not Repurchasing, Part 2


Have you ever really wanted to try something and secretly hoped you wouldn’t love it because it’s so pricey? Or you loved it on first use, made it a staple, and then they changed the formulation (sigh)? Or maybe it was very nice, but didn’t make it to must-have status?

Let’s start with MV Organics Skincare…I had really, really wanted to try the Gentle Cream Cleanser and Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturizer. There were so many raves about these particular items from the line that when I received a gift card for the Detox Market this spring, I scooped them up. These are definitely in the “damn, this is expensive! I hope don’t fall in love” category. The cleanser comes in two sizes: for $58 for 2.4 oz or $91 for 4 oz. The moisturizer comes in two options too: $35 for .5 oz and $135 for 2.4 oz). The clean, white packaging is a precursor to what is inside: white creams that are formulated with gentle, mostly organic, and lovely ingredients like jojoba, vitamin E, rose oil, and camellia oil. They have the most subtle scents. After the initial newness wore off, I found myself not using them very frequently. Both are on the dry side and feel a bit waxy. They are hard to spread around without liquid to move things along. The moisturizer feels, to me, like it seals the skin as opposed to feeling like my skin breathing. I am not sure how to describe this better, so I am hoping you get what I mean. I am holding on to it for winter because it is to heavy for me now. It might be a perfect salve for winter chapped skin/windburn. As for the cleanser, I most enjoy using it once or so a week mixed with One Love Organics Brand New Day which is an exfoliating powder. The addition of the cream cleanser makes it easier to mix and apply the powder. It also makes OLO’s gentle exfoliant all the more gentle by adding the buffer of cream. I like to work it in and leave it for a bit like a mask. Of course, I don’t need a cream cleanser this special for exfoliating. So, though these two products very gentle and hydrating, they are not on the repurchase list. And that’s ok. I like trying out new things, so it’s sort of a relief to my wallet and my wandering eye.

This one is kind of hard for me. One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil ($42, 4 oz) was probably my most repurchased item since greening my skincare. When sales came around, I would buy 2 or 3 at a time. I loved a lot of things about it–how it melted my makeup and sunscreen with ease, the scent, the packaging… The thing I loved most: it emulsified with water and allowed you to splash off the makeup/cleansing oil. I really like not having to remove cleanser and makeup with a washcloth. I’d rather use the wet cloth to warm or cool my skin and gently exfoliate during a second cleanse or cream cleanse in the a.m. It’s just a personal preference. The pretty new OLO packaging came with a slightly different formulation. The oil feels thicker, doesn’t emulsify much and definitely doesn’t come off without a cloth. I think the instructions should to change to say it’s removed it with a cloth. I love oil/double cleansing so once I finish my two OLO bottles, I plan to look for an oil that emulsifies. If unsuccessful, I’ll try to embrace the washcloth daily.

Odacite Aloe and Immortelle Refreshing Toner Mist ($45, 4 oz). I got this with the Detox Market giftcard gift card too. I love the packaging. I love the ingredients, which include aloe; floral waters of rose, immortelle and chamomile; willowbark and oat extracts; and more. I love that this toner makes skin feel comforted immediately. Aside from price, really the only thing I don’t love is the scent. I am not even sure how to describe it. Medicinal? I am having trouble getting past it, but I will finish the bottle.

Another cleanser–Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip ($45, 4.2 oz). I got this as sort of a consolation/impulse/sale purchase when Sephora was sold out of Sunday Riley Luna Oil. I am finally close to the bottom of the bottle. I am cheating a bit by including it because I wrote a full post about it where I compared it to a very affordable cleanser from Acure, I am not saying they are a dupe, but…Anyway, read all about it here.



5 thoughts on “Fancy Things That I Am Not Repurchasing, Part 2

  1. re: the OLO Cleanser…YES!! That reformulation was such a heartbreaker for me. I loved that the old formula could be washed off with water and this new one definitely cannot. I have tried sooo many cleansers and finally thought I had found my perfect one… so sad!
    re: the Odacite toner… I’m currently using and I like it. I don’t notice the scent so much though. My problem with toners (and facial oils) is that I don’t notice enough of a difference in my skin from using different ones. I’ve tried a bunch and they all seem to function about the same. I like that the Odacite one is bigger though than others, so at least I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth!

    • I think you’re right on toners in that the biggest noticeable thing for me is the comfort you get from misting before adding product so you can move it around more. However my exception is yuli panacea. I did notice a difference in breakouts healing and skin staying clearer. Right now I am finishing a Yuli cocoon and the odacite before buying more panacea. It feels like it is taking forever!

  2. Really such a shame that they changed the formulation of the OLO cleansing oil. If you find another oil that emusifies please tell, I didn’t find one yet.

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