It’s Not You; It’s Me: Kjaer Weis Foundation


Today, I am talking about my experience with Kjaer Weiss foundation. And I am girding my loins because I am about to disagree with the whole internet. Deep breath. I am not in love with it. There, I said it. Is the packaging glorious? Glorious enough to be likened to Cartier? Yes and yes. Are the ingredients clean? Yes. Is it clear a lot of work and care went into this product? Absolutely. Does it rival your holy grail “unclean” foundation? Clearly the case for many reviewers, but not for me.  I think it may very well rival holy grail foundations for specific skin types and shades. It’s just not my match made in heaven. I have come close with Alima Pure loose foundation and that is what I use most often. But I prefer cream or liquid. And boy, do I miss that slippy HD foundation of mine. Not enough to go back to it. Just enough to pine and sigh. I would love to be able to choose between Alima and a cream or liquid foundation in the morning and I won’t rest until I can.

I’ll admit that I have high expectations. I want a foundation that isn’t just clean. It also has to provide at least medium coverage; feel light; go on easy; have a matte, velvety finish; not call out imperfections or settle; and last through the work day. A foundation that makes my skin look better without being noticeable. I know I am asking for a lot, but I believe eco brands can rival what’s at the traditional beauty counter–even the luxe stuff. When I applied this, I really wanted to be blown away, but I wasn’t. Why do I feel guilty admitting it that? Why do I feel the need to tell you that I really tried to love it? That I tried applying with fingers and two different brushes and ultimately bought a Beauty Blender to apply it? That I tried prepping with a few different combinations of moisturizers and sunscreen? That I tried finishing with 3 different powders and still didn’t love it? 

I purchased the shade Paper Thin ($68) which is a pretty good match for my light-medium skin. I find it to have a peachy undertone (a yellow undertones is preferable to me). I understand they are planning to add additional shades to the line, which is great. There seem to be mixed reactions as to whether it is drying or moisturizing. I didn’t find it drying, but it is a very firm cream. It is not, as some have described it, a cream to powder. One thing many agree on—myself included—is that it is best applied with a damp Beauty Blender used in a dabbing motion. It helps to prep first with moisturizer and sunscreen. While those with drier skin or an affinity for dewy finishes might skip powdering,  I definitely needed powder. The foundation provides light coverage when applied with a light hand. It can be built up, but in my experience, going for more coverage doesn’t necessarily look better. I should note that it didn’t irritate my skin in any way and didn’t have an aroma to speak of. Both good things.

When I use this, I notice that it doesn’t hold on to my blush and the foundation itself fades before the end of the work day. Yet, while it seems gone overall, I can see it in my pores. (Yes, I know no one is looking that closely, but I can see it.) I think this product probably works best when you are having a great skin day and just use it sparingly to perfect things like redness around the nose and other light concealing. I also think those with balanced skin or even slightly drier skin would do well with this. I have combination skin and I like foundation to be matte on my t-zone and lightly even out my skin overall (rosy cheeks here).  I am looking for the old “my skin, but better” cliche. This doesn’t do that for me. At all.

While the KW foundation and I were not a match made in heaven, I do want to say that I own four KW eye shadows: Cloud 9, Divine, Onyx (reviewed here), and Wisdom. I think they are great. And I do have my eye on one of the lip colors. I think it’s important to share the good and not so good experiences, but I want to be clear that having a not so great experience with one offering in a line doesn’t mean there aren’t other great things in the line.

7 thoughts on “It’s Not You; It’s Me: Kjaer Weis Foundation

  1. Can I just say first: do not feel bad for one minute about not liking a hyped product. Trying to like something you don’t does readers a huge disservice. I can tell by your honest review that our skin is similar enough that this wouldn’t work for me either, and I’d rather not waste the $68 to be disappointed.
    I have no doubt that all the people I’ve watched rave about it in YouTube and blog reviews actually do love this stuff, but I also know their skin is nothing like mine.
    Your review is super helpful because you described your skin type as well as the consistency and color of the foundation when it’s applied to skin, which you can’t get from a photo swatch on a computer monitor. Thanks for being honest!

    • Thanks Meredith! Those cream to powder and matte descriptions are what got me. This is the first time that all the reviews I saw were totally counter to my experience. Glad I saved you the money!

  2. Sorry to hear this foundation didn’t work out for you! I struggled (and still struggle) with how it makes my skin feel dry, but I love the coverage too much. Great overall review, and hopefully you find a foundation you like better!

  3. Thank you. I thought it was me, but it’s really the product. I’ve been testing it for a few days now and I just hate it; I’m at work, stuck here for another three hours with this crappy foundation. It’s floated around my face into my pores, revealed wrinkles I never knew I had, made dry patches on my cheeks and revealed all my blemishes. I used different powders each time, different concealers different blushes. I tried using a brush, a BeautyBlender dupe and my fingers. NOTHING WORKS. Thank goodness it’s only a sample that cost me nothing instead of throwing away 54 euros!

  4. I have found that using a light application of May Lindstrom’s facial oil instead of a traditional moisturizer with Kjaer Weis foundations helps a lot. It’s a much better product than Kjaer Weis’ Beautiful Oil, which doesn’t ever really absorb into the skin. Kjaer Weis is planning to launch a powder, which might be a further problem solver. So far, I have not been happy with the way powders I’ve tried combine with this foundation. The foundation colors are indeed limited. I blend two or three shades, and also use them individually for contouring.

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