Buff ’em: The Micro-Nail by Emjoi


I recently had the opportunity to try out The Micro-Nail* by Emjoi. Background: I used to be a person who gave herself a mani every Sunday. It was a favorite ritual. Then I had a kid. I was constantly washing a bootie (the cutest butt in Brooklyn, I might add),  bottles, binkys, my hands.  I stopped bothering with polish because it didn’t stand a chance of staying on! The owner of the aforementioned bootie is out of diapers, but I haven’t gone back to the manis. Even though I miss having my nails looking “done.”

This cool little gadget is a great way make nails look neat without polish or fuss. It smooths and shines finger (and toe) nails in seconds. It comes with a smoothing roller and a shining roller that are easy to switch out. The rollers spin 30 times per second.  I don’t have many ridges on my nails, so I used a light touch with the smoothing roller so as not to weaken my nails. I spent a little more on the shining roller and I was amazed at the results! It looked like I had clear polish on. Seriously–my nails had a glass-like finish that is still there days later. I have never had that with a plain-old buffing block. The best part–it takes just a couple of minutes to complete both hands. I think I did it all within one commercial break while watching tv. It’s light-weight and battery-operated and just nifty. If you have ridges and/or like the natural, neat look of buffed nails, check this out.

* pr sample

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