Quickie: Naturtint


I dyed my hair for the first time two weeks ago (using permanent dye, that is) using permanent dye called Naturtint. I have used the Clairol Natural Instincts semi permanent dye a few  times. They last about 28 washes and are pretty easy to use. I have a very small streak of silver hair on my hairline right where the forehead and temple area meet. You can’t see it when my hair is down, but I am constantly pulling it up into a messy bun so I wanted to cover it. I started looking into more gentle options. Of course there are no “clean” hair dyes. I decided to try one that is “light chemical”   one that a fave green beauty bloggers, Lilly of Genuine Glow, uses.

I’ll leave it to you to do your own research on dyes. This is a quickie, so I am going to focus on first impressions:

  • While I did put dye on all of my hair, this product has re-closable packaging, so you can mix a bit separately for smaller areas and save the rest. I will probably do that next time so I can use just a bit where I need it, thus minimizing the contact with the dye. Hopefully I won’t get more grays too soon.
  • Once mixed, the dye is gel-like so it isn’t messy to apply.
  • It does’t have a strong smell/fumes. It rinsed out easily and there was no lingering smell on my hair (unlike the Natural Instincts).
  • It didn’t irritate my skin.
  • It comes with shampoo you use after the dye. I have to admit, I was a little worried because  when I rinsed the dye out, my hair felt like straw! This definitely didn’t happen with Natural Instincts. I followed with their multiplier, which is basically conditioner. It immediately made my hair feel silky. Thank goodness! I have since been using  little organ oil in my hair to keep it moisturized.
  • I used shade 4G, golden chestnut. It is a very dark, neutral brown. (My hair is brown-black with natural red highlights.) When the light catches it, it’s almost icy. It mellowed out to a richer color within about a week. It’s a nice change from Natural Instincts, which I found had strong kind of fake red undertones that are purplish or copperish (across a number of shades).
  • Two weeks in and the color is holding up pretty well.

I plan to do an update at about the six week mark.


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