Onomie A.C.E. Iluminating Eye Treatment and Bright Concealing Elixir


I was browsing though my Instagram feed and saw that it has been 13 weeks since I purchased the Onomie Eye Essentials Duo! I hadn’t realized so much time had passed, in part because concealer doesn’t seem close to running out. Anyway, time for a review!

I was in a real concealer rut when I purchased Onomie’s A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment (boasting 10% Vitamin C for serious brightening) and Bright Concealing Elixir (packed with antioxidants and caffeine for depuffing). I thought my circles were showing through every concealer I tried. I put away my fave green concealer (Studio 78 Paris) and went back to department store concealer (Clarins) in the hopes of more coverage. I still wasn’t happy with how it looked. The worst part? I developed bumps under my eyes, which I believe were caused by using a product with such a heavy texture. Around that time, an article about Onomie got my attention. They have created a makeup/skincare hybrid with these two products, the company’s first offerings, which address what women most want to fix. I figured it couldn’t hurt to treat while covering up,  so I decided to order a try at home kit. (Onomie has a really affordable way to try the products. For just $4 you get 3 shades plus the corresponding illuminator. Check it out here.)

I intended to use Onomie every day for 8 weeks. Turns out, 8 weeks came and went! So how did it work for me? I have noticed some improvement in my dark circles! It is important to note that I had somewhat modest expectations on this front because my circles are hereditary. I am most impressed by the improvement of the texture of the skin under my eyes. The bumpy texture has improved and my fine lines are a bit softer. Between these 3 improvements, I am less crazy about covering my circles, which is good. I don’t layer on a ton of product and if they aren’t totally invisible, that is ok because the skin looks brighter and smoother. Some additional thoughts:

  • The A.C.E. Illuminating Treatment is great. I love the pump packaging (and wish the concealer was in a pump instead of a tube). Onomie recommends tapping the illuminating treatment in a “C” shape around the outer part of the eye. I do that, but I also use it on the inner part of the eye–sort of like a primer for the concealer. This stuff blends beautifully. It comes in a pink pearl shade and a bronze shade.
  • The concealer is thin and pretty pigmented. It is easy to work with–it blends easily with fingers or a brush and doesn’t crease (unless you really over apply). You can layer it too. I find it’s best to let the first layer set for a minute before adding more. I don’t think it needs setting, but I do set it and plays well with powder. (I set with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light.)
  • I like the yellow undertone in the lighter half of the concealer shade range. It’s so brightening, but it may post a problem for cool and neutral toned people.
  • The illuminating treatment costs $32 and the concealer costs $26. You can buy the duo for $58. This seemed weird to me. I think there should be a price break for buying both at the same time.
  • I still can’t find the ingredients list on the site. You can find the lists on the packaging on my Instagram here and here.

I’ll close with this: I think Onomie deserved their Allure Best of Beauty Award for their concealer. I highly recommend trying it for yourself. They make it affordable and easy to try, so why not go for it?

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