Osmia Organics: First Impressions


First impressions…I was going to wait to post about these little beauties from Osmia Organics, but I thought I would anyway because today is International Women’s Day and Osmia Organics was founded by a woman named Sarah Villafranco. I loved reading Sarah’s story. Having devoted a good part of my career working in and volunteering for organizations dedicated to women’s leadership, I am inspired by stories of women entrepreneurs (secret wish to be my own boss perhaps?). And since I love skincare (and makeup), so she is particularly inspiring to me.

Pictured above: Osmia Organics Spot Treatment, Active Gel Toner, and samples of their restoration and brightening facial serums. I decided to place an order with Osmia because of the pimple that would not heal. There were a couple of other small breakouts, but this one pimple seemed like it was setting up permanent residence. I think the breakouts were caused by not exfoliating. My skin has become so dry and red from the other thing setting up permanent residence in NYC–winter. I stopped any exfoliation by product or konjac and just moisturized like crazy to try to calm it all down. I think that was the wrong move. Not helping those dried out dead cells shed caused the breakouts–at least in large part.

The first thing to go into my cart was the OO Spot Treatment ($22, .16 oz). This has really helped. I think it works differently from other spot treatments because it calms and heals the pimple as opposed to drying it out. Essentially, it shrinks it and takes the redness down so you don’t wind up with a red scaly patch where the pimple was. Their site said to apply 3-5 times a day. I saw improvement after 1-2 applications. Here is what is in it: organic evening primrose oil and essential oils of lavender, cajeput, lemon, parsley, thyme, cypress, and rosemary CO2 (96.5% organic). I know the bottle looks tiny, but I think this will last quite a bit because you only need a tiny amount.

While exploring the OO offerings, I was really intrigued by the Active Gel Toner ($58, 1.7 oz.). I am obsessed with toners of all kinds–hydrating, exfoliating, refreshing, you name it. This is described as adding a layer of soothing moisture. Sign. Me. Up. It has a great ingredient combination of calming (aloe, oat, calendula) and moisture attracting/retaining (hyaluronic acid, glycerin,  niacinamide). When I am not sniffing it (it smells so clean and good) I have been using it over a generous spritzing of Yuli Panacea Elixir (reviewed here.) It’s a a thicker gel that feels refreshing. You need to moisturize over it or it’ll feel tacky. For the past few days, I have been topping the gel toner (while still damp) with my sample of the OO Facial Restoration Serum. Keeping true to the theme here–it is also calming and moisturizing. You wake up with calm, soft skin. You know, not buying the full size was a real feat of self control. I should have given in to my instincts though because I really like it and am planning to get it. I will do a full post on it.

I want to close with what is not pictured. My order came with a sample of Juniper Shea soap. It smelled ah-mazing. We never use bars of soap around here so my three-year old claimed it immediately. I wonder whether liquid soap is something Osmia might make someday. One thing I do know–my next order will definitely include soap. I suspect it’ll be hard to pick just one.




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