Raffle Time: Kushyfoot and Drugstore Treats


I think I’ve hit a blogging milestone. I received an email from a pr firm asking me whether I would be interested in reviewing Kushyfoot products. I let the person who reached out know that my blog is newish and my readership is modest, BUT that I actually own some Kushyfoot foot covers and would be happy to check their other stuff out. I know Kushyfoot from their little  foot covers (your Grandma might call them peds). I wear them with ballet flats. I love skipping socks altogether, but it is nice to have a barrier between my feet at the flats when it’s super hot out or raining. Kushyfoot sent some of those as well as lots of other cool stuff. I had no idea they had so many products. I was also glad to see that you can get things like foot overs in various “cuts” so that they won’t peek through low cut shoes. They sent so much stuff that I let them know I would be doing a giveaway with most of it. Of course this is a green (ish) beauty blog, so the winner will find some favorite drugstore beauty treats as well: The EcoTools Retractable Kabuki, Burt’s Bees Lipshine in Peachy, and Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster in Light to Medium.


Scroll to the end to enter (open in residents of the U.S.).

Before we get to the raffle, let’s talk Kushyfoot. As I mentioned, I really like the foot covers. They are affordable; easy to find (for those in NYC, I have gotten them at Rite-Aid and Duane Reade); and comfy (the soles are extra padded, hence the brand name). Here is what the winner will receive:

1 pair of foot covers for flats and pumps in black
2 pairs of toe covers for slingbacks/mules in black and beige
1 pair of foot covers for peep-toe shoes in black
2 pairs of athletic foot covers in white
1 pair of sheer anklets in black
1 pair of yoga socks in beige (toeless and with grippy soles)
1 pair of “flats to go” in leopard print; size 9 (perfect for tossing in your bag when your high heels have done you in)
the green beauty treats pictures above
and goodies from my samples stash!

Put your best foot forward and good luck!


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