Sunscreen Stories: Pratima, Badger, and Snowberry


While this post is mostly about Pratima Neem Rose Face Sunscreen, I am planning to mention a few others that I have tried.

I had been using (and loving) Badger’s Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen  SPF 16 (reviewed here). The ingredients, the texture, the scent, the finish, and the price were so right. I even loved the glass packaging, though it made it hard to get at all of the product.  Sadly, it is out of stock as they are reformulating it. I am hoping it’ll be as awesome as it was with a higher SPF to boot.  I am sure they’ll sort out the packaging too. I’m guessing the glass bottle will go. I’ll miss it even though it wasn’t the easiest to deal with. We’ll have to wait until 2015 to see how it all turns out. Sigh.

A few months ago,  a fellow No More Dirty Looks reader recommended Pratima Neem Rose Face Sunscreen. I also remembered trying a sample of Snowberry Everyday SPF 15 and liking it, so I decided to order both. Spoiler: Pratima won out as a face sunscreen and I have been using the Snowberry for my body. Let’s start with Pratima, who is an actual person. From Pratima Skincare’s site:

Dr. Pratima Raichur, an expert chemist, botanist and Ayurvedic physician, combines her traditional ayurvedic formulations and harvests them into modern day prescriptions that target the real reasons behind our skincare issues.

This SPF 30 sunscreen contains very  few ingredients, which is good. Note the non-nano zinc oxide. From the site: IONIZED WATER, NON-NANO MICRONIZED ZINC OXIDE 18.6%, ORGANIC EXTRACTS OF NEEM, BRAHMI, SHATAVARI, LICORICE, VITAMIN E, LECITHIN, ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL OF ROSE, XANTHAN GUM.

Pratima has a nifty glossary of herbs on the site, where you can read about the benefits of the ingredients. The one that most caught my eye is neem. It’s anti-everything—bacterial, fungal, viral. It also promotes healing of acne—which is what got my attention because sunscreens can wreck a clear skin streak. Okay, so we’ve covered ingredients, let’s talk finish and texture. While this isn’t exactly matte—it’s a fluffy lotion that goes on like a light moisturizer—it’s not sticky. If you let it sink in for a minute or two, foundation (liquid in may case) goes on with ease. I would say it’s so lightly unscented that it’s almost unscented.

Packaging. This comes in a food-grade metal bottle. I can see myself needing to scrape around in there long before the pump stops pumping. Again, I am ok with that since I don’t love plastic packaging and don’t consider this to the the type of sunscreen you toss in your backpack for a hike. And last–price. It is reasonably priced at $26 for two ounces. However, shipping is something like $14, making this a $40 investment. I am in the same city, so why 14 bucks? Maybe this is their way of telling me to get it in person…Overall, I am pleased with this as an everyday sunscreen.

Now for my other purchase, New Zealand natural brand Snowberry Everyday SPF 15 (not pictured). I had tried a sample of this and remembered it being nice stuff and fairly matte. It has interesting ingredients, which you can read about in this article by Truth in Aging. I found that it doesn’t leave a white cast; it smells bright and lovely (citrusy); but it was hella sticky on my face. I stopped applying it to my face and am using it on my body. At $38 for 1.7 ounces (not including shipping), I probably won’t repurchase in favor of a Badger sunscreen for body.

So that’s where I am on sunscreens at the moment. More to come as summer progresses!

6 thoughts on “Sunscreen Stories: Pratima, Badger, and Snowberry

  1. I realize this blog post was from a long while back. Curious to hear if you have any updates re: fave sunblocks. I am intrigued by the Pratima one for sure. Also curious about Jose Rosebrook’s. Have you tried it? I’m going on vacation in March, so trying to sort out which sunblocks I should be purchasing. I’ve used Skinceuticals in the past, but not wed to that brand. Thanks!

    • Thanks for writing! I am still using Pratima as my everyday sunscreen because it works great under makeup. If I were going on a beach vacation I would probably use something thicker and with higher spf. I like Coola. I’ve also tried Tatcha sunscreen which is velvety and nice.

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