Lulu Organics Hair Powder


Dirty hair don’t care? Then you need Lulu Organics Hair Powder—or dry shampoo. The label says “a light powder for hair on days of unwash” which sounds much nicer than “a light powder to soak up the oil in your hair when you’re too lazy/busy to wash it.”  I recently did a post summing up my first year of green-ish beauty blogging and later realized that I had left this out! I should have included Lulu Organics Hair Powder in the “things I bought based on the sample” category. I am making up for that oversight today.

Putting the very attractive vintage-inspired packaging aside, there is a lot to like about this product. I have the lavender-clary sage scent and it smells so fresh and so lovely. The scent is a huge factor in freshening up day-old hair. This should also make my hair stylist happy as he is always telling me NOT to shampoo every day as it’s too stripping on hair/scalp. Easy for him to say. His head is shaved. My hair gets oily fast. I don’t have a good day if I don’t shampoo because I just feel gross. But I do try to skip it at least one day a week (usually weekends). The scent of this helps you feel okay with skipping. It smells that fresh. The formula itself does a good job of absorbing excess oil without making you feel like you have added a hair texturizer. In other words, it doesn’t feel  really heavy or gunky. Here is what’s in it: *organic corn starch, white clay, baking soda, *organic rice powder, *organic horsetail powder, *essential oils / *USDA Organic & Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. Three cheers to Lulu Organics for keeping it simple and recognizable on the ingredients front.

The label directs you to sprinkle some on your hands and rub it through your hair. Now, I am already giving up the ease of sprays (Klorane’s Dry Shampoo is a great one if you’re going this route) so getting it all over my hands  is a little much for me. Instead, I sprinkle this on my Tangle Teezer (TT) and brush it through my hair. (TT review here. See end post for a pic of one.) The short bristles on the TT allow you to focus on the roots and since the TT is all plastic, so you just run it under water to clean it. Once applied, I leave it for a few minutes so it can do its thing. Then I style as usual.  I also use it another way: I put it on clean hair. When I need to get up really early for work, I shower the night before, dry my hair and then add hair powder before bed. It goes a long way to helping me and my hair feel fresh and clean all day.

It’s $30 for a 4 oz. container, which I suspect would last you a long time. I found a travel size one for $10 on