Cheap Thrill: Vermont Soap


Today’s cheap thrill,  Vermont Soap Baby Wash and Shampoo ($9.99; 8 oz),  isn’t strictly for the babes. However, I use it on my babe–a delicious 3 year-old boy. (Aside: Are you watching The Goldbergs on ABC? It’s so cute and the mother–or smother–is my fave. She is always calling her sons delicious. They are not amused. You should check it out.) This soap is super mild, unscented,  and easily rinsed-0ff. The ingredients list is simple: Saponified Organic Oils of Coconut, Olive & Jojoba, Vegetable Gum / Glycerin Extract, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Rosemary Extract. I use it for cleansing as well as shampooing. As a shampoo, it probably isn’t moisturizing enough for kiddos with long hair or dry hair. However, it works great on shorter hair. It rinses out faster than anything else we’ve used and doesn’t sting.  We found it to be much more mild than the Dr. Bronner’s baby mild soap.

While we are on Vermont Soaps, I once accidentally purchased their Shower Gel in the sweetgrass scent (same size, packaging and price). We still used it for bath time and it also worked very well. It has the great sort of masculine scent that made my boy smell like he had baby cologne on. Very cute. The scent is described by them as a complex, sophisticated lavender/clove blend with hints of forest and garden.