Quickie: A Product I Reach for Every Day


Yeah, I know. There are products we all reach for everyday— sunscreen, foundation, English muffins. Those are all MUSTS for me too. This product one I don’t have to reach for, but I do.

I was never a fan of lining the waterline for a smokey eye. It doesn’t stay on, it smudges, you have to retouch, it gets on contact lenses. But what about lining with a light nude to wake up those peepers? Well, then the fading/smudging isn’t such a big deal–especially if the nude liner is fairly close to your skintone. I have always a fan of a little luminosity on the inner corner of the eye and brow bone. Now I am able to do all three things with one product: Youngblood Eye Illuminating Duo Pencil.

I use this thing every day. I generally don’t take the time to do eye shadow in the morning. Instead, I sweep the shimmer side of the YB pencil under the arch of my eyebrows and dab some in the inner corners of my eyes.  The pencil is very smooth and applies without tugging. The color looks champagne-like in the swatch, but I find it to look more of a pink champagne and when applied to the inner corners. It brightens without being overly sparkly and stays put. I use the matte site on line my waterline. That doesn’t stay put all day, but I don’t expect it to. I also think the matte nude in this pencil is preferable to lining with a white liner. White seems too noticeable to me. I’ve also never had any irritation from waterlining with this product.

This is definitely a secret weapon for me. This, a little liner and mascara and guess who looks awake and ready to face the day? Love.

Read about the brand and ingredients here.