The Line Up: Fancy Sunday Pampering


I just thought I would review what I used for a recent round of pampering. I busted out all my green beauty faves and fancies for this one…

First Cleanse
I removed sunscreen, makeup, and a few layers of sweat and grime with One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil. This pineapple-scented oil takes it all off–including mascara. You really work it into dry skin to break down the makeup, then add water to emulsify. I like to splash a little water on and pass my hands over my face gently to emulsify because I don’t want to press the oil in further. It rinses pretty clean, so no need to use a washcloth–yet.

Second Cleanse
I then did a second cleanse using Yuli Halcyon Cleanser. This beautiful bio-active gel leaves skin clean, fresh and toned without stripping. Halycon, along with the OLO cleansing oil are probably my most repurchased green beauty items. They are hall of famers.

Exfoliating Mask
Next I applied Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask for some gentle exfoliation. This floral jelly does its thing without burning or irritating the skin one bit–even if you leave it on a little longer than directed. It features beta-hydroxy acids, french pink clay and willow bar. It tightens as it dries. The closest description I can think of for the texture when dry is an an egg white. I left it on for about half an hour. This pot is almost empty and I definitely will repurchase.

Now for the Wash Cloth
I wet a wash cloth with warm water and put it over my face to moisten the mask, remove it and provide light exfoliation. I followed by splashing cool water on my face.

Hydrating Mask
I patted my face dry then applied the Innisfree Intensive Ampoule Mask (not pictured–sorry I accidentally tossed it without photographing it like the noob that I am). This two-step sheet mask was a gift from a Korean friend. Innisfree looks to be a green brand, but I had trouble finding an ingredients list in English. You apply a gel to the skin, then put on the sheet mask, which is also soaked in gel. It was very hydrating and brightening. I do like hydrating sheet masks and hydrogel masks and I will do some digging around for additional options. After leaving that on for about 20 minutes, I removed it and rubbed in the remaining gel.

Tone and Treat
Once the gel from the mask was absorbed, I spritzed some Yuli Panacea Elixir (another all-star) and patted in a few drops of Sunday Riley Luna Oil. I am going to use this a little longer before reviewing it, but so far I really like it. My only gripe is the addition of blue coloring. I let that sink in and then patted on some MV OrganicsRose Soothing and Protective Moisturizer. This one is new promising. I finished with Waxlene balm on my lips. Pampering complete.